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Different Leads is a boutique lead-gen service with a focus on personalization and quality.
The whole research process is Human-Driven and Software-Assisted - with one complementing the strengths of the other.
We will provide you with a list of decision-makers that are your target audience.
Receive custom B2B contact and account data based on your ideal customer profile.
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Different Leads provide high quality, manually researched prospects. We'll work with you to identify the best niche to source the leads from. Sales experts run our research and sourcing process, so the results we provide are much better targeted and converting than regular leads.

With Different Leads, you will receive the highest quality, manually researched, precisely targeted leads. They will usually (depending on niche and target) contain name, email, phone, company, URL, social accounts, country, and more. Our work is performed manually and enhanced by semi-automatic solutions. The report will be provided by email, and it will be in Excel ready CSV file.

We can help! As a part of our consulting (which is provided to all our customer), we will identify your perfect audience with/for you. You don't need to be an expert - we've got you covered!

We want to learn about you, your business, and your goals. With it, we can pick a perfect audience for your needs. It's a quick, friendly exchange of emails. If you are not an expert in audience research, we'll take care of everything for you! That's what we do. We make things happen!

On average, it takes around three weeks to receive a full report. This way, you will be able to test the leads before another billing month. In extreme cases, the delivery can take longer (you will be informed about it during the consultation process). The report will be sent by email in a spreadsheet file.

There is no contract for Different Solutions - you are welcome to cancel at any time. Simply do this before the new billing month starts! This will, in no way, affect the current month's work!

We research leads using popular solutions in this space, like or Before we start using those tools, we do proper research on where the most valuable leads are. As we are geared towards quality over quantity, we handle each order separately. Through consultation, expertise, and focus on a single service, we can keep our prices on average levels. While we use tools to expedite the process, most of it is still done manually.

Different Leads is focused on prospects that come from consultation and research process taking hours to complete. For this reason, we are not providing free samples and trials.

There is no setup, and you do not need to purchase any additional tools or licenses. We do not use LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and we don't need an access to your website or social accounts. We don't just scrape LinkedIn, we find leads in more niche places. The whole process is done on our end!

Different Leads specializes in research, rather than sales/outreach. We believe that focusing on our core offering is crucial to providing the highest quality leads. We do not do outreach or warming up campaigns.

Yes, we can sign standard NDA. Contact us for more detail (before or after ordering).

Leads researched for you are only yours. We never resell them. Each customer triggers a new, customized lead research process. There is no chance of providing the same leads to different buyers from the same niche. This can happen only for individual prospects and still is not likely to occur.

We guarantee that as of delivery, you will receive the ordered number of working leads. We always deliver more of them just to be sure. The number displayed when purchasing is guaranteed working leads - if by any chance there is less of them, we will provide you more within 14 days.

Different Leads is a young project that is a spinoff from a different business! Run by Bart, an expert with 14 years of experience in sales and marketing, you can rest assured that you are in good hands!

Leads are crucial to many businesses. You can email them, call them, pass them to your sales team to decide on the best approach. With high-quality leads, you can generate sales by reaching out to potential buyers!

With each order, we research and target one audience a month. This helps us to focus on quality!

Of course! Use coupon "start" for 20% OFF! Coupons used on Different Leads are recurring - meaning they lower your price for the lifetime of subscription!

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